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Does your furniture need new shoes?

End Caps for furniture

Garden furniture, chairs and tables also need new shoes

Does your furniture need new shoes? Remember to check that your furniture has proper shoes on. I know the feeling – I see it, hear it and think, “I’d better do something about that”, only to find that the next time I come back, the chairs are still “scratching” around with a worn-out chair leg cap. Dive into our chair leg cap and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

End Caps are called many things depending on what they are used for. There are many names for many things; pipe legs, pipe connection, pipe closure, furniture shoes, plugs, end plugs, chair leg cap glide chair leg pad, dimples, glide chair leg pad, furniture slides, floor protector, angle slider, angle protector, plate plug, nut protector, suction cup, door buffer, chair leg cap shoe square, plugs, RHS pipes, plastic plugs, bendup, rubber plugs, rubber plugs, plastic plugs, rubber stoppers, plastic plug, end plug, plastic cap, plastic shoes, felt shoes, expander and chair leg cap shoes for steel profile.

  • End Cap
  • End Cap square, round, rectangular mm
  • Furniture shoes
  • Tube legs
  • Pipe termination
  • Pipe closure
  • Plastic dummies
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Cloggers
  • Chair leg floor protector
  • Floor protector
  • Angle protector
  • Plate plug
  • Door buffer
  • mm.