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Silent Socks protect children’s hearing

Silent Socks protect your hearing

Silent Socks in school

The sound at school is not always optimal. A noisy classroom can be a challenging environment to hear what the teacher is saying and it can be difficult to concentrate on learning. Our Silent Socks can alleviate the sound of chair leg cap chairs that are constantly being pulled and pushed across the floor, especially in schools and institutions. When the environment is reasonably quiet, it also helps the way we speak to each other. Because we can suddenly hear, we don’t have to shout and scream to get attention.

We need to take care of our children’s hearing. Hearing is important for developing social skills, being able to communicate and for their wellbeing. We use hearing to learn to speak, read and write and to develop social skills. Put on your “socks” from Easy to apply and washable.

Available in different sizes and colors. Order Silent Socks Original and Silent Socks Heavy Duty
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