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About The End Cap Shop. We are a solid company with 60 years of experience. The main company Porsaco deals in the aluminum building system, aquarium tables and many, many other goods. We have a department that specializes in chair leg cap and adjusting screw. Our chair leg cap are high quality and you can have them sent to you or pick them up at our store at Vallensbækvej 55 in Brøndby.

A shop within a shop

For many years, we have been dealing with all kinds of chair leg cap and adjusting screw. A shop within a shop and with a showroom located in Broendby, Denmark We are a Danish-owned family business Porsaco A/S - Porsa with sales worldwide.

In the dupsko shop you'll find round, square, square with thread, with and without felt, rectangular and many more.

End Cap are also called pipe connectors, leg extensions, dowels, pipe legs, plastic plugs, end plugs, plastic dowels. You can choose between several sizes. You can get chair leg cap to fit pipes, table legs, sofa and chair legs, ironing boards and more. Look for the outside measurement of the pipe and the pipe thickness. If you need chair leg cap and adjusting screw that fit the aluminum building system, you'll find them here. End Cap have many names because they can be used for many things. For example, a End Cap is a bracket that is put, pushed, screwed or fixed over an object. They can also be used to assemble multiple parts. End Cap on chair legs are mostly replaceable, so it's important when ordering them that you know what to measure so you get the right "shoe" for your chair.

In addition to being a furniture accessory, chair leg cap are also widely used in industry.

The purpose of chair leg cap can be to protect the object from wear, dirt or damage. In schools, they put chair leg cap on the chairs so they don't make noise when the children pull the chairs in and out. It is especially important for sensitive students and children with hearing loss.

We also have a large selection of silencers, thumbscrews and hand grips. Set screw in steel and electro-galvanised.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have a query.

Closing days 2023

Our webshop is always open, and you can safely shop on any day in the webshop. Our webshop is always open and you are welcome to shop in endplugshop.com during our closing days, and we will process orders when we return. In the meantime, you are welcome to send your questions via the contact form, which you will find on our page "contact"

Our physical store is closed on public holidays and we are closed

  • Friday, May 19 (in connection with Ascension Day)
  • Industrial holiday, (week 29 & 30) from July 17 through July 30
  • Christmas holidays, from December 23 through January 1, 2024.