Chair leg caps/Adjusting screws

Chair Leg Caps come in many variations. We have round chair leg end caps, squared chair leg end caps, squared chair leg end caps with thread, with and without felt, and rectangular among others. Chair Leg Caps are also called tube end, tube leg, plastic plug, end plug, plastic caps, etc. We have them in many sizes, and they fit tubes, table legs, sofa legs, chair legs, and ironing boards, etc. You should look for the external measurement of the tube and the tube wall thickness. Chair Leg Caps can be used for many different things. Chair leg caps can mostly be replaced, and therefore it’s of great importance when you order them, that you know what to measure, so you get the right “cap” for your chair. The purpose of chair leg caps can be to protect the object from wear, dirt, or overload and of course also to protect the floor. In schools, they are aware of putting chair leg caps on the chairs, so they don’t make noise when the chairs are pulled in and out and across the floor. This is especially important for sensitive students and children with hearing impairment. The prices for chair leg caps are all per piece.

Chair Leg Caps/Adjusting Screws. We also have a large selection of adjusting screws, thumb screws, and handles. Adjusting screw in steel and electro-galvanized.